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The Sky is Not Falling

by Charles Colson

Amid a Rising tide of Despair Comes a Trusted Voice of Hope and Reason

Not since the 1970s have Americans faced such a perfect storm of economic, moral, and cultural crises. In the face of that intensifying gale, many Christians have succumbed to a paralyzing blend of dismay and resignation.

Enter Charles Colson, one of the faith’s most respected statesmen and formidable defenders.

In The Sky Is Not Falling, this New York Times best-selling author delivers much more than a tour of our nation’s cultural landscape. He offers a road map for living confidently in these turbulent times, equipping you to stand firm in God’s love and power in a hostile world.

About the Author

Chuck Colson (1931 - 2012) was a popular and widely known author, speaker, and radio commentator. A former presidential aide to Richard Nixon, he founded both the international ministry Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. During his lifetime, Colson wrote several books that shaped Christian thinking on cultural issues and public policy, including Born Again, The Body, Loving God, The Good Life, How Now Shall We Live?, and The Faith. His radio broadcast, “BreakPoint,” airs daily to 2 million listeners.

The Author

Charles Colson

Chuck Colson (1931 - 2012) was a popular and ...


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