The Curious Kid’s Guide to Heroes & Villains of the Bible

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Discover Bible heroes and villains in this dynamic collection for young readers.

Does the Bible really have heroes and villains? This exciting book answers that question with an emphatic “Yes!” as it dives into the courageous acts and cunning plots of the Bible’s most famous and infamous characters.

Curious kids will learn about heroes such as:

  • Moses, who obeyed God and led the Israelites out of captivity;
  • Deborah, whose wise judgments helped maintain peace for Israel; and
  • Peter, a fisherman who left his life behind to follow Jesus and led the early church.

And they can investigate villains like:

  • Cain, who killed his brother Abel and lied to God about it;
  • Goliath, a giant who posed a threat to the Israelite army; and
  • Delilah, who betrayed Samson by cutting off his hair, the source of strength.

Readers can investigate each person as they browse through profiles packed with helpful stats, origin stories, summaries of the person’s most heroic or villainous actions, and colorful art and images. Full of surprising facts and awe-inspiring occurrences, this collection offers a uniquely engaging look at the Bible.


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ISBN: 9781945470721

MSRP: 12.99

Carton Quantity: 48

Trim Size: 6.50 x 9

Page Count: 112

Release Date: September 18, 2018

Ages: 6 to 9

Format: Paperback

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