Is the Bible at Fault?

How the Bible Has Been Misused to Justify Evil and Suffering

Jerry Pattengale

Is the Bible at Fault - TEMP
Jerry Pattengale


Throughout history people have turned to the Bible to rationalize their convictions, be they good or evil. So much evil has been borne of the inappropriate use of the Bible: The Crusades, The Spanish Inquisition, Thirty Years’ War, The English Reformation, Mary I (Bloody Mary), Armenian Genocide, French Wars of Religion (including Albigensian Crusades), the Holocaust, witch hunts, slavery, abortion clinic bombings, Cossack massacres, the Jonestown massacre, Nazism, the Spanish Flanage, Romanian Iron Guard, Slovakian Hlinka Guard, Jozef Tiso, and many others. And what about the Bible’s own accounts of slaughters and genocide? How has the Bible been abused in all of this?


Indiana Wesleyan University named JERRY PATTENGALE, Ph.D., its first University Professor in 2014. Jerry also serves as the executive director of education for the Museum of the Bible, where he...

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