Is the Bible at Fault?

How the Bible Has Been Misused to Justify Evil and Suffering

Jerry Pattengale

Is the Bible at Fault?
Jerry Pattengale


“From the first sentence to the last, Jerry Pattengale engages his readers and doesn’t let go. A real pleasure to read.” —Tom Gallagher, CEO & Publisher, Religion News Service (RNS)

Throughout history and around the world, people have made bizarre or dangerous claims in the name of God. They continue to do so today, citing biblical passages out of context or inappropriately. Doing so has led to a wide range of disasters, from executing other Christians for theological differences, to wild activities in the name of evangelism, and more.

Is the Bible at Fault? examines these historical errors, problematic biblical interpretations, and tragedies to reveal how and why the Bible has been misused to justify and rationalize profound acts of persecution, destruction, violence, human rights abuse, and downright strange behavior.

This provocative new book provides the truth and perspective needed to remind us of how high the stakes can be when we get the Bible wrong.


Indiana Wesleyan University named JERRY PATTENGALE, Ph.D., its first University Professor in 2014. Jerry also serves as the executive director of education for the Museum of the Bible, where he...

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